Sylvester Stallone Confirms ESCAPE PLAN 2 Subtitle, Also A Crazy-Ass Robot

Dave Bautista is not the crazy-ass robot. Nor is he the subtitle.

We haven’t heard much about Escape Plan 2 lately. I can think of a couple reasons, the main one being that no one really saw the first film.

But I’m dedicated to my Stallone beat. So I simply can’t ignore this video he posted on Instagram:

For those who don’t feel like watching all that, a fake-bruised and fake-beaten Stallone seems to confirm Hades as the film’s subtitle (while also teasing a possible third movie). He then introduces us to fellow cast members Dave Bautista and Jesse Metcalfe. After that, he pans over to a freaky robot thing and explains that it will factor into the film’s big ending. He unfortunately does not capture any footage of 50 Cent being crazy.

That’s quite an update for a film no one ever expected to see. I suppose I’m excited for whatever this is going to be, even if it’ll be missing Arnold, who was far and away the best part of the first film. I'm not saying a big robot is an equal trade, but it helps soothe the wound.