Cyborg Gets His Very Own JUSTICE LEAGUE Poster

Yo, ya mans looks like he stepped out a PS2 game!

Folks, it's over.

The final Justice League character poster has arrived, this one for fan-favorite character (checks notes) Cyborg. He looks like if a Windows '95 screensaver came to life and got very, very angry.

Following in the great tradition established by other Justice League costumes we won't mention here, Cyborg's costume (or, rather, the collection of pixels that have been brought together to make up his costume) appears ludicrously overdesigned. It's as if someone looked at the design for Shredder from the new Ninja Turtles movies and said, "Hold my beer." 

Anyway, there's also this fraction of a teaser trailer, showing off Cyborg in action.

Yeah, I just don't know. 

Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17th. You have that long to prepare.