Let’s Help Kickstart Chris McInroy’s New Short Film, WE SUMMONED A DEMON

The Austin-based filmmaker is back and ready to finish off his unofficial trilogy.

If you've been reading this site long enough, you may remember our previous posts about an Austin-based filmmaker by the name of Chris McInroy. Chris makes horror shorts, and his two previous efforts (Bad Guy #2 and Death Metal) have both screened to a wildly enthusiastic response at Fantastic Fest. 

Now Chris is working on his next project, a short called We Summoned A Demon, and he's launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the thing funded. We don't typically embroil ourselves with Kickstarter campaigns here at Birth.Movies.Death., but we're big fans of the work Chris has done so far, and seeing as how we covered both of his previous campaigns on this site, well, we thought it only fitting to let you know about his new short, which will finish out a quasi-trilogy established via Bad Guy #2 and Death Metal

Here's his campaign video:

If you head on over to We Summoned A Demon's Kickstarter page, you'll see that Chris has lined up an impressive array of rewards for backers, including digital downloads, enamel pins, Blu-rays (which will include Bad Guy #2, Death Metal, and - once it's completed - We Summoned A Demon), t-shirts, and more. Hell, if you wanna drop $150, he'll send you a clip of We Summoned A Demon's titular creature saying your name ("Great for your social networks or holiday parties!"). 

Maybe you're still not convinced. Here: take ten minutes out of your day and watch Bad Guy #2, and tell me this isn't a guy you want to see more from.

Chris has a little under three weeks to go to reach his Kickstarter goal, but it's a reasonable goal, and the Birth.Movies.Death. readership has more than proven itself supportive of campaigns like this in the past. I'm giving Chris and We Summoned A Demon my strongest recommendation, and hope you'll throw in a few bucks to help make our hometown boy make good again (we really, really want to see We Summoned A Demon at Fantastic Fest this year, guys).

Head on over to Chris' Kickstarter campaign page now. If you like what you see, consider tossing him a few bucks. They will be used in a most entertaining manner, that I can assure you.