A GHOST STORY Gets A Spooooooky Poster

This guy has like the best Halloween costume ever.

I like when serious, ambitious movies go forward with a premise that almost dares people to take it seriously. As far as I can tell, A Ghost Story is a sad movie in which Casey Affleck plays a ghost who watches as the world around him changes and moves on. The kicker is that he’s no Patrick Swayze ghost. He’s a dude wearing a sheet. The second kicker is that the movie is apparently very good.

So it definitely has my attention, which is why I want to make sure everyone sees its just-released one-sheet (haha, sheet):

As you probably read, a trailer for the film will arrive tomorrow. I really can’t want to see it. This one has been on my radar since Meredith’s Sundance review.

What do you guys think? Are you going to be able to take this seriously? Or is the idea too ridiculous?