Miles Teller Will Star In Nicolas Winding Refn’s TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG

In which Refn's Amazon series gains a headliner.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fantastic Four star Miles Teller has officially signed on to headline Nicolas Winding Refn's new Amazon crime thriller, Too Old To Die Young. It sounds ... well, a lot like you'd expect a Nicolas Winding Refn joint to sound.

Here's their description:

Die Young tells of a grieving police officer (Teller) who, along with man who shot his partner, finds himself in an underworld filled with working class hit men, Yakuza soldiers, cartel assassins sent up from Mexico, Russia mafia captains and gangs of teen killers.

When picturing Miles Teller as the moody, ass-kicking police officer at the heart of a Nicolas Winding Refn series, you may be tempted to snicker. Possibly even chuckle. Before doing so, let's take a moment to consider that some people snickered when we heard Ryan Gosling was headlining Drive ("That guy from The Notebook? What?"). All's I'm saying is, if anyone can sell me on the concept of Miles Teller as an ass-whooping, take-no-prisoners cop hellbent on revenge, it's gonna be Refn.

Two more points in Too Old To Die Young's favor: one, Refn co-wrote the series script with the great Ed Brubaker (a dude who knows from hard-edged noir tales); and two, Refn's directing the entire thing. No word yet on how many episodes we can expect, but - as with any new Refn project - each must be considered a gift.

Nothing further to report at this time, but we'll keep you updated as the news rolls in. In the meantime, hit the comments to let us know where you stand on all this: interested to see a Refn limited series? How do ya feel about Teller headlining it? Didja get around to The Neon Demon yet? Sound off below.