4K Restoration Of MULHOLLAND DRIVE Gets An Immaculate New Trailer

David Lynch's masterpiece is coming back.

Another day, another masterpiece gloriously restored in 4K and released to UK cinemas.This time it's David Lynch's Mulholland Drive, a film more than a few people believe to be the best film of the 21st century. It's been given a gorgeous 4K overhaul, and will hit UK cinemas next month.

To help get the word out, a trailer has been assembled. It's even prettier than you might expect.

I can't even imagine such a person, but let's say you're someone who has yet to see Mulholland Drive and you have no idea what it's about (dear god, give me strength). Here's an official plot synopsis, newly cobbled-together for this restoration, via The Playlist:

Beautiful, bizarre and strangely addictive, the film begins as a botched hit results in the meeting of brunette amnesiac Rita (Laura Harring – Love in the Time of Cholera) and blonde would-be Hollywood actress Betty (Naomi Watts – Birdman, 21 Grams). Taking the viewer on a memorable neo-noir trip through Hollywood’s dark underbelly, Lynch dispenses with a conventional narrative in favour of a hallucinogenic assault on the senses that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

As of now, we have no dates to offer for a Stateside release of Mulholland Drive's 4K restoration, but - as mentioned above - this newly-restored cut will hit UK cinemas on April 14th. I'm guessing (read: frothing at the mouth with hope) that we'll hear something about limited US release dates in the near future.

Until then, here's a discussion question for you: is Mulholland Drive Lynch's masterwork? As the years have gone by, I've come to believe that is the case, but I'm willing to hear impassioned arguments to the contrary. Have at it in the comments below, folks!