Edgar Wright’s BABY DRIVER Bumped Up To June

Stock up on birth control before summer, because this movie may get you pregnant.

Baby Driver is unlike anything you’ve ever seen – a rip-roaring Walter Hill homage that takes 40 years’ worth of action picture grammar, places it in a blender, and then adds a healthy spike of pop music bliss. If Busby Berkeley were obsessed with crashing cars (for real – the driving stunts are 100% practical and mind-blowing), this is the motion picture he’d make. It’s the most revolutionary take on the movie musical since Brian De Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise, and melted the faces of all who attended its SXSW World Premiere (including our own Merdith Borders; read her review here!). Long story short: you must watch it.

Thankfully, Sony is feeling the vibe Austin put out and is going to let the rest of you see Baby Driver six weeks earlier than originally planned. At Cinema Con, the studio announced Wright’s long-gestating passion project has been bumped up from August 11 to June 28, so your wait to see a classic rock take on Heat’s central bank heist set piece just got a whole helluva lot shorter.

There will be those who inevitably accuse everyone hyping this movie as being nothing more than pure hyperbole peddlers, and that’s fine. But as a lifelong action film enthusiast, I can honestly say the movie is two hours of pure bliss I cannot wait to revisit with my Drafthouse pals. In the meantime, check out the film’s trailer (which honestly reveals very little) and begin counting the days.