Netflix Nabs Gareth Evans’ APOSTLE

Exciting news for people who don’t like to leave the house!

Well, Netflix continues to kill it, this time with a movie made by a dude who is really super good at filming people killing things.

According to Deadline, Gareth Evans (the guy who made The Raid films and co-made that amazing “Safe Haven” from V/H/S/2) has sold global rights for his new film Apostle to Netflix, which means when it comes out, you’ll be able to watch it immediately from the comfort of your own home, where only your pets and loved ones can see you barf at the violence.

News of any new Gareth Evans film is exciting, but this one is particularly interesting as it marks such a departure from Evans’ other films. The movie will be a period piece about a guy who travels to a remote island to rescue his kidnapped sister from a crazy cult. As far as I can tell, it will not be a martial arts extravaganza, particularly since instead of starring Evans’ normal crew of asskickers, it’ll star Dan Stevens and Michael Sheen. Not that they can’t kick ass, but I’d like to see one of them try to take on Iko Uwais. Seriously, that would be an amazing two seconds.

In any case, this is a must-see film for me, and I look forward to any new details that come out about it. Like, say, a release date.