Robert Rodriguez Will Also Direct An Animated UGLY DOLLS Movie

Rodriguez is getting back into the kids' movie game.

According to The Playlist, Robert Rodriguez - recently announced as the director of 20th Century Fox's long-gestating Escape From New York reboot - will also direct an animated kids' movie based on the popular line of Ugly Dolls toys.

Perhaps, like us, you have no idea what Ugly Dolls are. Sounds like it's time for us to do some serious research (heads to Wikipedia):

Uglydoll is a brand based upon a line of plush toys which began as a long distance letter between the creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. The Uglydoll line was launched in January 2001. Uglydolls were awarded the Specialty Toy of the Year award by the Toy Industry Association in 2006.

So, Uglydolls, not Ugly Dolls? Got it. 

The name of the brand is UGLYDOLL with no 's'.

OK, fine. What else can you tell us, Wikipedia?

The brand is distinguished by its definition of the word "ugly." In the "uglyverse," "ugly" means unique and special, something that we should be celebrating, something that makes us different, and never hiding the "twists or turns" which make us who we are, both inside and out.

Well, sure, that sounds like a decent-enough message to be sending out to kids, sounds good. Y'know what also sounds good? Rodriguez getting back into the kids' movie game. His Spy Kids remains one of the best films he ever made (the sequels, less so, but still), and the idea of Rodriguez working in animation has a certain unique appeal. This one won't be for the From Dusk 'Til Dawn/Grindhouse crowd, perhaps, but that's alright.

The film will be made for STX Entertainment, and has been given a May 10th, 2019 release date. Sounds like someone better get animating.

(Note: header photo used with permission via Flickr)