Even More Familiar Faces Will Be Back For MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6

The FAST & FURIOUS-ation of this series continues.

Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible series spent a huge chunk of its life as extreme stand-alones with the only common thread being Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames and some sort of dangling scene. It’s hard to believe how much it’s transformed since Bad Robot took over.

Case in point, not only will the next entry see the return of Rebecca Ferguson (and writer-director Christopher McQuarrie), but it looks like Alec Baldwin and Sean Harris are coming back too.

Everyone knows who Alec Baldwin is. He’s the guy who delivered the funniest moment in Mission: Impossible history (“Ethan Hunt is the living manifestation of destiny!”). As for Sean Harris, he was the last film’s villain, who if you remember, they did not kill at the end. You know what that means - there’s still time for them to reveal he’s Simon Pegg’s long lost brother.

I’m all for this, though with all these familiar faces and the addition of Henry Cavill, I do worry about poor Jeremy Renner. I hope he’s at least treated kindly on set. When he gets to be on set.