Houston! Join Meredith For A RAW/GINGER SNAPS Double Feature

Sisters With Appetites.

As soon as I saw Julia Ducournau's Raw, I knew I wanted to host a double feature with that film and another featuring sisters with monstrous appetites and a disconcerting power dynamic: John Fawcett's turn-of-this-century Canadian werewolf banger, Ginger Snaps

And because Houston Alamo Programming Director Robert Saucedo is a man of impeccable taste and tireless generosity, he made it happen. Robert and I will both be hosting the double feature this Saturday, April 1, at 8pm, at Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park. AND it's a hell of a steal, because you can see both movies for only thirteen bucks. 

Whether or not you've seen Raw or Ginger Snaps, you can take my word that this is going to make for a killer double feature. These are two brilliant, bloody, immensely feminist and occasionally terrifying films, and they have as much in common thematically as they do on the surface. I'm crazy excited about this event, and I'd love to see some BMD faces in the crowd. So show up and say hi! I may or may not be passing out raw ginger snaps to attendees. 

Get your tickets HERE