LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Review 2.16 “Doomworld”

No, Rip. Giddeon will not make you nachos. DO SOMETHING!

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The penultimate episode for season two has come and gone, and oh man was it better than I could have imagined. There’s a whole lot to parse through this week, so follow along on the breakdown and then we can chat about everything that went down in Eobard Thawne’s perfect world.

Curious enough, ol’ Eobard didn’t think about wiping out vigilantes in this perfect world. Turns out, he and Damien both like to play with their food, while Malcolm remains the voice of evil reason. We kick things off with Felicity Smoak, vigilante of Star City, but that lasts all of three seconds. She’s taken down by Sara and Amaya, who are now Damien Darhk’s guard dogs. In his perfect reality, he’s the mayor of Star City with an affinity for fallen hero trophies.

In Thawne’s world, he’s free. Black Flash is imprisoned, Star Labs is his to control, and he has a standing date with the President for golf and a hotel visit. Central City’s residents include Ray, plumber, Jax, angry boss, Stein, overworked scientist, and Nate, conspiracy theorist. Thawne’s always said he wouldn’t be a villain if it weren’t for Barry Allen, and while that’s not wholly true, he does do some good in this new world. Solving global warming is no small feat, so… thanks?

Of the OG Legion members, Merlyn’s the only one unhappy with his new life. Because of course he isn’t. Malcolm’s wish was that his family was whole again. His wife’s alive, as is Tommy, and Thea loves him like he’s always wanted her to. The problem there is that there’s no magic trick to pull a monster back from the edge, and his family’s new life has left him unsatisfied. Oh, and he’s dissatisfied with how Thawne is managing things. Coming from Star City, Merlyn knows that you kill the good guys and don’t give them the chance to rally. Sure, he’s real bad at doing that himself, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Conspiracy theorist Nate goes to Thawne to ask him to fix the world. Makes sense, since he was the historian of the bunch, but Thawne can’t have that. So, it’s time for Mick and Snart to kill him, only not, because he’s a main character and that’s not how any of this works. Mick rescues his former teammate, and it’s off to Ray they go. He’s super smart, he’s gotta have a plan despite not knowing who he is.

And he does! Ray’s built a gun. Said gun fixes brains, but who knows if it breaks them or not. Because Ray’s the lovable boy scout that he is, he couldn’t build up the nerve to use it on his mouse (the very same mouse he gave Mick for Christmas). Thankfully, Mick doesn’t share those kind tendencies, so he shoots Nate in the head. The good news is that it worked, the even better news is that Nate punches Mick in the face. As does Ray, and then eventually Sara after she and Amaya show up to shake down the Legends.

A lot goes down between them catching up with Ray and his magic fix-all gun, and getting the team (sans Stein and Rip) back together, but it will be a lot of annoying back and forth of they did this and then this and this and so on and you’re already bored reading that sentence. So, let’s skip ahead to the team facing off with Thawne at his reactor.

His master plan is simple: destroy the Spear, keep reality as he’s created. The Legends course of action is also simple: stop that from happening. Both sides have issues. Thawne’s is that he can’t stop monologuing; the Legends’ are that they’re powerless and still won’t trust Mick. Thankfully, Mick knows what he has to do and gives the Spear of Destiny to Amaya. Less thankfully—this Leonard Snart is the evil one, and he’s much more okay with killing than he was in The Flash.

So, Amaya’s dead and away goes the Spear, along with the Legends’ morale. They just watched a team member die and said goodbye to their one chance to get out of the reality that Thawne’s created, and he’s living for their misery. Like the grade-A baddie that he is, Thawne understands that there are worse things than death. In this instance that “worse thing” is being trapped in a hellish reality without your powers. He even lets the Legion live, ‘cause no one can touch a Speedster! We as viewers know that to be categorically false, but hey, hubris is a part of the villainous package.

During all of this, Rip is off being useless as usual. He’s trapped on the Waverider baking cakes. They’re on backup power, but evidently they have enough for Giddeon to still function while making food and powering a kitchen. Ok? There are bigger things to look at in this episode, so we’re just gonna roll on past that for now. At the very end, Giddeon insists that Rip find his spine, he does, and it’s off to the races! One tiny snag. Literally. The Waverider is a small prop replica in what appears to be a room in Star Labs.

Though they’ve suffered a huge loss, the team returns to Momma Heywood’s basement to sort out a plan. Since the Spear is destroyed they’re left only with the option to go back in time and undo the Legion’s mess. Sure, they don’t have the Waverider, or a way to contact Rip, and said Waverider is currently very tiny, but hey, what do they have to lose?

What could there possibly be to discuss after almost a thousand words just to recap the episode? So much. Let’s start at the beginning with hero Felicity. It’s brief, because her time was brief, which is my whole gripe. Don’t tease me with a masked Felicity then make it weird. What was with her voice? And they didn’t even give us a codename! Rude!

“Doomworld” has got jokes! I mean, they’ve all got jokes, but there were some solid ones this week. Prison Break cracks between Mick and Snart are always fun, especially considering the boys had to film both this year. The president and his hotel shot was A+, because we all know that guy is working with some supervillains. Speaking of villains, don’t you go monologuing because Leonard will call you out and it will be beautiful. Everyone punching Mick was a hilarious little bit that ended in the only way it could have—with Mick finally getting fed up and threatening the next poor soul that made the mistake. Then, finally, the beautiful moment between Nate and Damien before things got real heavy in the battle: the almost high five.

Joining the jokes in the A+ category is the final battle. The CW has been blessed with some exceptional athletes and an impressive stunt team that makes moments like the fight at the end really pop. Merlyn vs. Sara gets the MVP award for past baggage and solid choreography, but each sequence tonight was solid. When Arrow first kicked off the DCTV universe, they wanted to remain rooted in the practical. With all the Legends powerless this week they were given a chance to go back to those roots with their fights, and showed that they still remember how to wow without the effects when they need to.

The team acting all high and mighty with Mick is just as annoying as it was last week. Sara insists that they trusted him, but they very clearly did not. His whole “I’m going to save my family,” line still hasn’t come to pass yet either. Listen, y’all, I just want Snart back. Not murder-y Snart, he’s a butt. Though it was great to see Captain Cold really lean into his villainy for the first time, that’s something I’d like to see over on The Flash. Legends of Tomorrow spent a whole season developing the character, and if he’s coming back it seems senseless to put all that work to waste.

While there are some minor issues here and there throughout “Doomworld”, it manages to be one hell of a penultimate episode. So much happened, and so much of it was good, that I have a hard time seeing how they’re going to top this in their finale, but it’ll be exciting to watch them try. Who was your favorite Doomworld personality? I’m all in for Bro-Ray.