You Can Totally See Parts Of Pennywise’s Face In First IT Teaser

It’s finally here! Uh, when’s the next one?

Well after all the waiting and buildup, we finally have our first IT teaser:

Scott’s going to get a lot further into this later today. I’m not even sure if he likes it or not, but I think it’s awful. For a number of reasons. One, I think it’s silly to use Pennywise as a “to be revealed” villain when we’ve already seen numerous pictures of him. Two, I’m not into super horror Pennywise at all. That shot of him running through the basement is hilarious.

But the kids look interesting, and I have a feeling the film might score when it comes to non-Pennywise scares. Everything here is ramped up to the extreme (blood EXPLODING out of Beverly’s sink), so maybe some of that stuff will benefit.

Overall, I don't have a good feeling about movie though. Wampler may have a totally different take, but after this trailer, I’m even more inclined to put the whole thing in the pipe right now.

IT comes out September 8. And not to work on your computer.