Dear God, Please Don’t Make Jordan Peele Direct AKIRA

You work in mysterious ways, but this is too much.

Hollywood isn’t as smart as Hollywood would have you believe. There are times when that is more obvious than others. This is one of those times.

According to The Tracking Board, Warner Brothers is “moving aggressively” to get Jordan Peele to direct their live-action adaptation of Akira, aka the movie they’ve been trying to make for many years but haven’t yet because no one wants to direct a bunch of CG nonsense while two dudes yell each other’s names for an hour.

Peele, of course, is coming off the huge success of Get Out, and has made known his plans to direct other culturally significant horror films. I don’t know how much money it would take for him to halt those plans for a big, dumb studio project, but I hope hope hope it’s way more than Warner Brothers wants to spend.

I feel like this would be a disappointing development for pretty much everyone, and it seems a misuse of Jordan Peele’s significant talents. Hopefully it does not come to pass.