The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Series Finally Sloughs Its Jeremy Renner

Poor guy.

One day they will write books about poor Jeremy Renner and his inability to be the star he probably should be. Sure, he can show up in big-ass movies, but he can’t carry them, and he usually ends up offering little more than utility. I mean that in a nice way, as I really like the guy.

One of his many shots came with Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, where he played someone suspicious of Ethan Hunt and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, where he played a guy protective of Ethan Hunt.

I guess they figured those are the only things one can do with Ethan Hunt, because Renner will not be returning for the series’ sixth entry. Calm down, the real reason is a scheduling conflict. He has too many Marvel duties, including not only Infinity War, but surprisingly enough, The Ant-Man and the Wasp.

To be honest, I am sad about this news. Renner was never a super important Mission: Impossible player, but I kind of liked the superfluous nature of his character. There was a loose feel to him that I’ll miss. Unless just hanging around being extra is what Henry Cavill plans to bring to the table.