Beyonce May Be Joining THE LION KING

We believe the appropriate response here is (checks notes) "Yasss Queen"?

According to a new report over at Variety, Jon Favreau - currently gearing up for production on a live-action/CGI adaptation of The Lion King - has set his sights on Beyonce to play Nala. A fine choice, indeed, but Variety's report stresses that this is far from a done deal.

Insiders stress that the Grammy winner has not made a decision regarding the film yet, as the star is pregnant with twins. But since it’s a voice-acting role, sources say the studio and director will do whatever it takes to accommodate her schedule. 

Beyonce recently dropped out of this year's Coachella due to her latest pregnancy, so one imagines this will be Favreau's biggest hurdle when it comes to locking the singer in for the role. But, man, wouldn't it be great if she takes it? That's some A+ casting, right there.

Stay tuned for more on this situation as it becomes available. While we're waiting to find out if Beyonce's in: how would you cast the rest of The Lion King's roles? Gotta bring back Jeremy Irons, right?