Jason Sudeikis Shares His Shame In Alamo Drafthouse’s “Six Shooter” Short

Save the baby tigers!

“Six Shooter” is a short, but completely worthwhile interview with comedy maven and Colossal co-star Jason Sudeikis. If the big screen is more your speed, worry not! This segment and ones like it will appear at an Alamo near you before films like Colossal, Baby Driver, The Big Sick and whatever else the team behind the scenes feels like throwing it at.

In the video, we find out all sorts of fun tidbits about Sudeikis. No spoilers, but he’s got some apocalypse level skeletons in his closet. He does kind of make up for it with his A+ choice of co-stars though. If that’s not a selling point, watch it for his ace Marty McFly impression. Content note: no baby tigers were harmed in the making of this video. 

Check it out: