Oh My God: Rainn Wilson To Play Harry Mudd In STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

This is a very surprising bit of news.

Star Trek: Discovery is supposed to take place a bit before The Original Series, but it never occurred to me that we might see new actors take on younger versions of familiar Original Series characters. Well, that’s because I’m a big dumb asshole.

Of course they’re doing it! And it looks like their starting with everyone’s favorite/least favorite troublemaking scamp, Harry Mudd, who according to The Hollywood Reporter, will be played by Rainn Wilson (I would have gone with Paul F. Tomkins, but they didn't ask me).

Holy smokes. For those who don’t know, Harry Mudd was a repeat side character who ran afoul of the Enterprise a couple times trying to raise some hell. He’s essentially a con man, thief, and pimp, but gosh darn it, he’s lovable at heart!

Originally played by Roger C. Carmel with, let’s just say a verve that might not be appreciated today, Harry Mudd definitely represents one of Star Trek’s goofier corners. One wonders how Wilson will approach the character, and also how much shit he’ll get up to. Keep in mind, we don’t yet know if he’ll just be a guest appearance or an actual cast member.

Until we do, enjoy this:

Goddammit, I love Star Trek .