TRYING TIMES Podcast Episode Two: “The Fortune Teller”

Scott and Shultz go supernatural with special guest Daniel Danger.

Here it is: the second episode of the Trying Times podcast.

This month, Shultz and I took on an experience we've both been wanting to have for some time - we went and visited a fortune teller. Over the course of about an hour, Austin's own Madame Ruth walked us through our respective futures, offering up information that was both hopeful (one of us is going to live to be 98!) and depressing (one of Shultz' friends is going to die soon). We also got her to talk a little bit about the future of the country, and just wait'll you hear how the Trump administration is going to end.

This being a supernaturally-themed episode, Shultz and I were joined by special guest Daniel Danger, who gleefully pokes holes in Madame Ruth's operation before telling us about his one and only experience with a ghost. It's a good story.

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Enjoy the show! We'll be back on April 28th with episode three, "Guns And Government". It's gonna be a doozy.