Houston! Come Watch An Awesome Drafthouse Kaiju Movie Marathon With Yours Truly

Destroy All Drafthouses returns!

You love giant monster movies. I love giant monster movies. Why not love a bunch of giant monster movies together?

Sunday, April 9 Alamo Drafthouse Houston Alamo Director of Programming Robert Saucedo and I are putting on an event you don’t want to miss: Destroy All Drafthouses - A Kaiju Hullabaloo. Starting at 1pm, we are going to marathon four giant monster movies. I can’t tell you which giant monster movies. But I can tell you I am super SUPER pumped to see them all on the big screen. Trust me, this is going to be a fun one.

“History shows again and again how nature points up the folly of man”

It's time for more kaiju. Join us this April as we celebrate giant monsters and the cites they love to step on with a day-long marathon of monstrous proportions. 

Four giant monster movies from around the world await you at DESTROY ALL DRAFTHOUSES! We're not announcing what films we'll be showing but you should expect movies both new and old, campy and serious. This is a buffet of kaiju classics - all hand-picked for your maximum enjoyment. 

I hope to see you next Sunday at the Mason Park Alamo Drafthouse! Tickets are on sale here!