Comedy Central Announces THE PRESIDENT SHOW

It's what you think it is: a talk show hosted by a giant dipshit.

Comedy Central, the network that once ran a faux-sitcom called That's My Bush! while W. was in the White House, is back at it again with the targeted political hijinks.

According to The New York Times:

On Monday, Comedy Central said that it had picked up a new weekly late-night series, called The President Show, created by and starring Anthony Atamanuik, a noted Trump impersonator, who will play the president as he hosts his desk segments, comedy bits and guest interviews from the Oval Office. Peter Grosz (Veep, The Colbert Report) will also appear on the program as Mr. Trump’s sidekick, Vice President Mike Pence.

In conjunction with the announcement, Comedy Central also released the following teaser:

So, the above doesn't give us a great idea of what The President Show will look like in practice, but it does give us a good look at Anthony Atamanuik's Trump impression, which is about as strong as any Trump impression I've ever seen (it is, quite frankly, even better than Alec Baldwin's; do not @ me). Very curious to see what Peter Grosz does with Pence, as well.

Will The President Show be any good? That's My Bush! turned out to be funnier in theory, so here's hoping Atamanuik's got more than just a solid impression (that said, if The President Show does nothing beyond making Trump very, very angry, we will have no choice but to consider it a success).

The President Show debuts on April 27th, following The Daily Show. You folks gonna tune in?