New ALIEN: COVENANT Teaser Wants To Introduce You To The Neomorph

It looks unfriendly.

Last night, the Alien Anthology Twitter handle dropped a brand-new, fifteen-second Alien: Covenant teaser. The clip contains new footage, but ends with one helluva money shot: our first solid look at Alien: Covenant's new creature (that's it in the header image above), the Neomorph.

Let's take a look.

So, I've heard this creature referred to as both the "Neomorph" and the "Protomorph", but if I could get exceptionally nerdy for a moment: the "Protomorph" is the creature we saw at the very end of Prometheus (it's sometimes referred to as "The Deacon", which is a way cooler name than Protomorph). The "Neomorph", on the other hand, is the creature introduced in Alien: Covenant, and is the result of ... well, we'd be getting into spoiler territory if we keep going down that road. For now, just know that it's called the Neomorph, and it's as unfriendly as it is pale.

Meanwhile, this other TV spot (also released last night) features a few new shots, including an excellent one of the classic Xenomorph.

On the real, folks? I've heard very encouraging things about Alien: Covenant over the past few weeks, and am currently in full-blown "excitedly hopeful" mode. In fact, I'll go one step farther: I think this could be the Alien sequel many of you have been waiting for. 

We'll know soon enough. Alien: Covenant arrives on May 19th.