New ALIEN: COVENANT Trailer Hints At The Fate Of A PROMETHEUS Crew Member

Bonus: John Denver soundtrack.

A new trailer for Alien: Covenant has arrived, and it's ... well, it's something.

Check this out.

First thing's first: yup, that's John Denver performing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" in a trailer for an Alien movie. How's that for an unexpected pairing? The first time I watched this spot, I thought it was a gag, but no - appears to be legit. Bold choice!

Secondly, this spot (which has labeled "Dr. Shaw") seems to hint at the fate of Noomi Rapace's Prometheus character. Those are definitely her dogtags, and that may also be her in the holographic overlay. Also: am I going crazy, or does it sound like Shaw's singing along to the Denver song at one point? Very curious, indeed.

What do you folks make of all this? Think Shaw befell a most unfortunate "accident" somewhere along the lines? Think Michael Fassbender's mischievous robot David might have been responsible for that accident? Think anyone on the Covenant is gonna make it outta here alive? Sound off below.

Alien: Covenant arrives on May 19th.