John Travolta To Star In SPEED KILLS, Which Is Sadly Not A Drug PSA

Also, sadly, not a sequel to SPEED.

My entire life, I have wanted a movie where John Travolta does a bunch of speed and dies. Or does a bunch of speed and kills. Or just stars in a very late and unasked for Speed sequel.

So you can imagine my excitement when I learned Travolta had just signed to star in a movie called Speed Kills. All my dreams come to life!

Unfortunately, none of those things will factor into Speed Kills. The film is instead about Don Aronow, greater of the Cigarette speed boat, and recipient of a violent death in 1987. So he was involved with speed (of the boat variety) and there is a killing involved. Nevertheless, this is not the Speed Kills I hoped for.

On the other hand, it could be a good movie anyway. Travolta’s always a wildcard. And it's entirely possible his character will do speed at some point. I'm not ready to count it out yet. Speed Kills starts shooting late this May.