Schwarzenegger Claims He’s Not Done With TERMINATOR Movies, Hates Trump

“The Terminator franchise is never finished.”

You may not know this, but Arnold Schwarzenegger has a very interesting movie coming out called Aftermath. Yesterday he did a bunch of interviews promoting the film, and everyone came back with the same story: Arnold is not done making Terminator movies. Aftermath what?

That seems a little hard to believe considering the current state of the series, but Arnold has an answer for that:

I don't want to call it, like, fake news, like the president calls it, but I think people just write things -- I have no idea why. Just because Paramount doesn't want to pick up the Terminator franchise, you have 15 other studios willing to do it -- that doesn't mean the Terminator franchise is finished, right? It just means they are on their way to negotiate with another studio, but I can't give you the details of that. They'll announce that. But, yes, the Terminator franchise is never finished. And remember that after 2018, James Cameron is getting it back, and then it will continue on!

“The Terminator franchise is never finished.” Good god, he’s probably right.

I just don’t know. James Cameron seems pretty busy with Avatar stuff, but even if he weren’t what could you do with this series that hasn’t been done before? Do you try old ideas but, like, good this time? They already bent over backward explaining an older robot with the last film. That whole thing was a pretty clear-cut “fool me once” situation.

But Arnold’s an optimist who is used to achieving victories when no one believes in him but himself. While I’m certainly among the chorus of folks screaming “This is a very bad idea!”, I can’t help but root for the guy.