The UK Gets Their Very Own ALIEN: COVENANT Poster

They're also getting the movie a week earlier than we are, the cheeky bastards.

Hello, yes. It me, Birth.Movies.Death.'s resident Alien nerd, back with yet another bit of Alien: Covenant ephemera. I'm not even the least bit sorry.

This one - a brand-new poster from the UK - comes to us from the good folks over AVPGalaxy, who apparently noticed it earlier this morning on several of 20th Century Fox's UK-based social media outlets.

Take a look.

So, classic good news/bad news situation for our friends in the UK here.

On the downside, your Alien: Covenant poster isn't nearly as cool as the recently-revealed Alien: Covenant poster we got over here in the States. On the upside, our friends in the UK (and, according to our own Andrew Todd, our friends down in New Zealand) will be getting Alien: Covenant over a week before we'll be getting it here in the US. Y'all win this round.

Alien: Covenant arrives in the UK on May 12th, in New Zealand on May 11th (???) and in the United States on May 19th. Book your plane tickets accordingly.