THE CONJURING’s NUN Spin-Off Gets One Demián Bichir

The “Priest” they called him.

As you probably already know, there will be a spin-off from the Conjuring series focused on that creepy nun from The Conjuring 2. Sort of like Annabelle from the first film, that wacky nun really won people’s hearts over and the demand for a solo nun film was just too high to ignore.

But the movie will need more than just a Marlyn Manson nun. Non-nuns are required as well.  Let’s not get too far away from the nun thing with these humans, though. If you’re going to have a nun, might as well have a priest.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, that priest will be played by Hateful Eight’s Demián Bichir. He is apparently sent from Rome to help figure our the mysterious death of a nun. Our nun? Who knows! I do like the idea of a priest who investigates weird deaths though.

Corin Hardy will direct the film, which is expected to come out summer 2018.