We Are Never Ever Ever Ever Going To Be Done With TRANSFORMERS Movies

Per Michael Bay, so we have to take it seriously.

Michael Bay has been on the verge of leaving the Transformers series for a while now. On the verge, but never quite getting there. His new one, The Last Knight, was once again poised to be his final outing for the series. And now he’s rolling back on that promise yet again.

In an interview with MTV, Bay made it clear that not only is he probably not done, but we will be seeing Transformers movies unto the end of time:

“There are fourteen stories written. And there’s good stuff. I would like to do one of them, though.”

Fourteen Transformers stories. Fourteen. One, four. Three more than eleven. This, in addition to the five we already have (or will soon have). How? How is that possible?

I mean, we know how it’s possible thanks to the “writer’s room” approach they are taking with the universe. And no, it’s not like all fourteen will make it to production. But I’m floored by the notion that they’ve cooked up fourteen ideas for further Transformers movies and spinoffs.

And I’m bummed that Michael Bay wants to direct at least one of them. I like Bay. But every year he spends making a Transformer movie is a year he doesn’t spend making a Michael Bay movie. And that is a tragedy for us all.