Hannibal Buress And Jeremy Renner Are It For TAG Movie

Okay, sure. Why not?

I’m very sure we’ve posted stories about this Tag movie before, but because you make stories searchable by using things called tags, actually searching for the word “tag” makes that difficult. This has been an episode of Evan Saathoff Complains followed by a very special episode of Evan Saathoff Can't Online.

In any case, Tag is a movie based on a true story about a bunch of pals who have been playing a very serious version of the game for thirty years. It’s like The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants except with probably a lot more arm-punching.

Ed Helms has already been cast in the film, but now we know two more cast members. According to Variety, Hannibal Buress and Jeremy Renner are now involved as well.

You know what? Good. I approve of this movie. Hannibal Buress makes me laugh even when he’s not trying to, and I think Jeremy Renner would be good in a comedy. I'm sure he has a lot of steam to blow off Go ahead. Let me see them play Tag for two hours. Might as well get Charlie Day in there too. You know you want to.