Do You Have Room In Your Heart For One More ALIEN: COVENANT Poster?

This one's from Korea (and let's be honest: it's probably not the last one).

Look, I'll just level with you: I've come this far in documenting every aspect of Alien: Covenant's march towards theaters, and I see no reason to back off from that now. We've covered an endless series of stills, every trailer, a prologuea parade of TV spots, more posters than we ever believed possible. Hell, we even covered a weird-ass marketing photo of an X-ray the other day.

Ya boi is in deep, son.

Today's offering comes to us from Korea. What, you didn't think Korea gets Alien movies? Korea absolutely gets Alien movies, and they're totally getting Alien: Covenant


There's not much to hold onto here, if we're being honest, but I do love that the billing up top seems to be pitting Michael Fassbender's David (or is it Walter?) against the Xenomorph in some type of intergalactic boxing match ("A.I. versus Alien"). Would watch.

Not much else to say here, but rest assured that I am prepared to die on this hill, so if anything else Alien: Covenant comes along, I will be here to tell you about it. Until then, hit the comments below to talk about ... shit, I dunno. Surely you guys have talked over every possible aspect of Alien: Covenant at this point, right? 

How about this: hit the comments to rank the Alien movies. Be aware that there is only one correct order (and no, you shouldn't include any of that Alien Vs. Predator nonsense), and anyone who answers incorrectly will be held accountable. You have 24 hours.