CHUCK Trailer Offers Look At Real-Life Rocky Balboa

He’s not QUITE as charming as Sylvester Stallone.

If you know me at all, you know I’m just a huge sucker for Rocky movies. Apparently, that also includes movies that are related tangentially. For instance, Chuck - the story of the guy Rocky is actually based on - which got a trailer this weekend:

From where I’m sitting, it is hard to say if this is going to be any good. The cast is great, and I appreciate the R-rating. I’m also surprised they got a guy to play young Stallone.

But what kind of movie will it be? The trailer plays it mostly for jokes, but I wonder what kind of drama this will entail. It looks like it could go both ways.

All I know is I love Rocky, and I’m all in for scrappy, shaggy Liev Shreiber, so it’s hard to say no, even if I'm more curious about it than excited at this point. Chuck will be playing at this year’s Tribeca film festival, so we’ll see what we see when those reviews start coming in.