Noah Baumbach Gets Into The Netflix Game With THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES

And look, he found Adam Sandler there!

It looks like Netflix has acquired the next Noah Baumbach film. Oh, it seems that statement hasn’t done much in terms of a reaction. Let me try again. It looks like Netflix has acquired a new Adam Sandler movie. There, that’s better. Now you're all pissed off.

The film in question is called The Meyerowitz Stories, a title that’s sure to become a household name. Not only does it star Adam Sandler, but Ben Stiller and The Cobbler co-star Dustin Hoffman are in it as well.

I’m not going to try to rewrite the synopsis. Here’s how Deadline describes it: "an intergenerational tale of adult siblings contending with the influence of their aging father." Sounds riveting!

Joking aside, it does sound like something that would be way more at home on Netflix than in a theatrical run. And unlike you savages, I root for good Adam Sandler movies more than I probably should. Hopefully this ends up being one of them.