Ron Howard To Direct Adaptation Of JD Vance’s HILLBILLY ELEGY

Opie goes home.

Ron Howard is always busy. He and his pal Brian Grazer just drove out to the country and acquired the film rights to JD Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy at an auction. Howard will direct.

The book itself is about Vance’s struggle growing up as a country bumpkin and then going to Yale Law School. I imagine his salt of the earth family members will provide actors with great opportunity to show how folksy they can be.

As for the appeal of the book itself, it seems Vance’s story struck a nerve with Trump voters who saw the title and thought it would tell an accurate version of their story. Meanwhile it struck a nerve with liberals who saw the title and thought it was sarcasm. People on both sides of the aisle bought and forgot to read the book and it became a NY Times Bestseller. Everyone wins!

And with Howard at the helm, it is sure to make for a charming story you can take the whole family to in an attempt to keep them from fighting with each other for two hours.