Two More Familiar Faces Return To ARROW

Looks like we're going to get that Al Ghul showdown after all!

If you are one of the folks who was chomping at the bit to see the Al Ghul sisters face off after Talia finally made her way to Arrow, you’re getting your wish. This morning, EW reported that Katrina Law will be returning to the show as Nyssa for several episodes to face off with her sister in the lead-up to the season five finale. 

Nyssa Al Ghul won’t be the only returning face, either. After several disappointing reprises of Deathstroke without Manu Bennett involved, the New Zealander is finally donning the mask once more. There’s limited information on what Slade Wilson’s involvement will be in the remainder of the season, but Stephen Amell made sure fans knew that his friend would be returning to the show. This was later confirmed by showrunner Marc Guggenheim via Twitter:

We’re still too early in the season to have a clear picture of where the finale will take us, but these are some big players returning to the fold. Nyssa will undoubtedly be siding with Team Arrow to fight against her at-odds sister just as surely that Slade will somehow be fighting alongside Prometheus and Talia. 

Arrow has seen its best season in years, and with these new developments it looks like the show will continue to please, but one burning question remains: will we get another Deathstroke dance session?