DEADPOOL 2 Lands Josh Brolin As Cable

After all that speculation, this is where they went.

For months, we have been speculating over and over about which grizzled older actor would play Cable in the much anticipated Deadpool 2. It turns out it wasn’t Stephen Lang. It wasn’t Kyle Chandler. It wasn’t Michael Shannon. It wasn’t Sam Saathoff. It wasn’t Liam Neeson. And it wasn’t Dolph Lundgren.

It’s going to be Josh Brolin. Some people may say it’s not fair for one actor to play multiple Marvel roles. I wish those people happiness in their lives. They’re going to need it. Brolin for Cable is a great idea, whether he also plays Thanos or not.

We’ve seen Brolin do all kinds of stuff in his varied career, but think about his ability to do comedy through super stern composures in movies like Men in Black 3 and Inherent Vice. The whole point of pairing Deadpool up with Cable is watching them yin and yang each other to pieces. Brolin can do that no problem.

A lot of those other guys would have been good, but this unexpected choice bodes well for whatever we’re getting with Deadpool 2. I think Brolin’s going to kill it, and lots of other things by the time the movie ends.