Dolph Lundgren To Sleep With Fishes In AQUAMAN

This movie is going to rule.

We’re down on the DCEU a lot around here. It’s not because we’re dicks. It’s because all those movies have been pretty bad.

But we want to love. Wonder Woman looks good, for instance. And then there’s Aquaman. Jason Momoa’s interpretation of the character has been the best thing about the Justice League trailers so far. It stands to reason that his solo film, especially with James Wan at the helm, would be something special.

And now that hope has gotten a big boost with the news that Dolph Lundgren himself will be in the film as King Nereus, a guy who thinks he has rights to Aquaman’s wife and wants to kill his ass.

This film already has a Black Manta (Yahya Abdul Mateen II) and an Orm (Patrick Wilson) when it comes to people who want to kill Aquaman’s ass, so it’s unclear how much screen time Lundgren will get. But if nothing else, I’m sure it will be more than he received in Hail, Caesar!.

Of course, I’m all kinds of excited for this. If you’ve been sleeping on Lundgren’s later career, he’s only gotten better with age, and I’m sure he’ll be a solid addition to a film that already sounds pretty cool to begin with.