Somehow, Sylvester Stallone’s ESCAPE PLAN 3 Just Got Greenlit

ESCAPE PLAN 2 must be the greatest movie of all time.

I don’t know how this works, but even though they are still filming Escape Plan 2 right now, the powers that be have decided there already needs to be an Escape Plan 3. Stallone's coming back, writer Miles Chapman is coming back, and Escape Plan 2 director Steven C. Miller is returning as well.

Let’s back up a bit. This all started with a slightly-above-mediocre action film called Escape Plan. For those who didn’t see it, the film starred a sleepy Sylvester Stallone as a prison break expert who gets carted away to a prison designed to defy all the tricks he wrote about in his prison break expert book. That’d be the end of the story, if not for the efforts of a very awake and game Arnold Schwarzenegger, who helps him break out.

The movie was okay, but without Schwarzenegger it would have been a complete bore. So of course, they’re making a sequel with no Schwarzenegger, just to prove me right. Since there won’t be much narrative glue between the two films, we always have the chance of a different direction that improves things. There’s no huge love out there for the first one, so go for broke!

Right now, however, I don’t have the imagination to extend this totally manufactured optimism to a third Escape Plan movie, except to assume they must have some confidence in this still-unfinished second film. Maybe that’s good enough. Or maybe this is all just a cynical cash-grab thing. We'll find out sometime between now and 2020!