SUPERGIRL Buffs Up Its Finale Cast

Cat’s finally returning, which means Kara only has a few episodes to sort out her life before getting an earful!

Supergirl fans have a few reasons to celebrate this week! While the show’s second season has done well, there has been a gaping hole left in the place where Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant once stood. That void is about to be filled, even if just for a few episodes. Entertainment Weekly has reported that the whip smart media mogul will return for a couple episodes later in season two! Flockhart was a huge part of what made season one great, but the move to Vancouver after the CW picked the show up from CBS meant that she would need to be less involved.

Kara’s mentor won’t be the only familiar face returning to the show. E! reported yesterday that Tyler Hoechlin’s well-received Superman would be flying back to National City to help his cousin in whatever misadventures will occur in the season two finale.

Both characters are of great importance to Kara in and out of the suit. The two returning at the same time likely means that our Girl of Steel is going to be facing some serious trials by the time we hit the finale, whether it’s the alien president, her boyfriend’s jealous mother, or some other force that we’re yet to meet.

Who do you think will be the first to tell Mon-El off? My money’s on Cat.