Fede Alvarez To Make New Film Set In LABYRINTH Universe

This idea is the opposite of THE MAN WHO KILLED HITLER AND THEN BIGFOOT.

We live in a time where some of Hollywood really does have its shit together and can deliver gigantic movies we all anticipate and love. But there are still a whole lot of bad ideas floating around out there.

This is one of them. Deadline reports that just as soon as he’s done with that other bad idea, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, director Fede Alvarez and writer Jay Basu are going to make a film that takes place in the Labyrinth universe.

I’m not 100% sure what this could mean. Take away David Bowie and the labyrinth itself (assuming they do that), what’s left of this universe to plunder? Puppets? Are we getting a Hoggle movie?

Granted, Labyrinth fandom is out there and strong, but I feel this sort of thing will just piss them off. I’m not sure who’s nostalgia is left beyond that. Something from this is getting put in the pipe, that's all I know.