Bill Condon In Talks To Direct BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN

This is FANTASTIC news.

As a hardcore Universal Horror fan, I’m not as up in arms about this planned Universal Monsters shared universe as I should be. Sure, the Universal Monsters are primal icons, seared into our cultural subconscious, but I’m also a rapidly mellowing middle-aged man who needs to pick and choose what issues he spends his remaining hours on Earth getting worked up about. So sure, remake The Mummy. Do The Wolf Man again. Fold Dracula Untold into this thing. Or don’t. Whatevs. My apathy would shock me if I weren't so, well, apathetic.   

But today, I’m suddenly excited about this franchise.

That’s because according to Deadline, director Bill Condon, fresh off the massive success of Beauty & The Beast, is in talks with Universal to helm a new version of Bride Of Frankenstein.

Now that would be fine news, but here's why that’s amazing news: Condon wrote and directed 1998’s Gods and Monsters, the haunting, amazing, deeply personal biopic of Bride of Frankenstein director James Whale. Gods and Monsters is very clearly made by a man who loves Bride of Frankenstein and understands what makes the 1935 masterpiece so special.

On top of that, the idea of  the director of a James Whale reimagining a film BY James Whale? Well, that’s a science experiment Henry Frankenstein himself would be proud of.

If you, like the writer of the Deadline news item, haven’t seen Gods and Monsters, I implore you to do so. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll be excited about this project as well.