ALIEN: COVENANT Marketing Campaign Enters Its ‘Found Footage’ Stage

Luckily this format's just for some ads.

So far, the Alien: Covenant marketing campaign has given us stills, TV spots, trailers, an extended prologue, a number of posters (some better than others), and even an exceptionally weird X-ray, but they're not done yet: today, we're going found footage.

Check these out.

First up: a video message from Billy Crudup's Oram. "We shall behold wonders heretofore unimagined," says Oram, sounding hopeful. He's not wrong, but something tells me he's gonna sound a lot less hopeful once those Xenomorphs start tearing their way through his crew.

Meanwhile, Katherine Waterston's Daniels has recorded her own video message, this one addressed to her dad, back on Earth. She seems a little more rattled to be on this journey than Crudup's character does, which is ironic given that she's the odds-on favorite to survive the Covenant's ordeal.

These ads are pretty cool, I guess; it's mildly interesting seeing some of Covenant's sets, locations and characters through the found footage lens. And, hey, I suppose we should be happy they're opting to change up their marketing format rather than just releasing a series of progressively spoiler-y trailers. But still, as excited as I am for Alien: Covenant, neither of these really set my world on fire. How 'bout you guys?

Alien: Covenant arrives on May 19th.