TNT Shuts Down Their LET THE RIGHT ONE IN Adaptation

Let's be honest: this is probably for the better.

Hot on the heels of the news that TNT's Tales From The Crypt reboot has been delayed comes the following announcement, via Deadline:

TNT has opted not to proceed with its pilot order to Let the Right One In, a drama based on the best-selling novel by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist. The project, written by Criminal Minds and Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis, was picked up to pilot in August but it didn’t go into production.

Yes, TNT's Let The Right One In adaptation is no longer happening ... but that doesn't mean we might not see it pop up elsewhere. According to Deadline, Tomorrow Studios (the company who originally developed the series) is now shopping the project around to other networks. 

For the record, this iteration of Let The Right One In would've been less a remake and more of a reimagining, with the location changed to Vermont and both of its lead characters being much older (how much older is unknown, but we're guessing the two kids would've been brought up to, say, Twilight age levels). You may or may not be into those changes, but for now that's really neither here nor there.

No way of knowing if anything will become of this one, but stay tuned for updates. We're keeping our eye on this one.