You, Too, Could Own Matthew McConaughey’s TRUE DETECTIVE Truck

Can someone spot us $15,000, please?

Have you or someone you love ever wanted to own an actual prop from True Detective season one? Have you ever longed to sit in the very same truck that Matthew McConaughey once sat in? Are you assembling an elaborate Rust Cohle costume for Halloween this year, but you feel like it's missing a certain something? Can you drive stick? 

​Well, today's your lucky day. 

As pointed out by our friends over at IndieWire, Matthew McConaughey's truck from True Detective is now up for auction via CharityBuzz. The site's listing describes the truck thusly: 

Own the iconic red Ford pickup truck that Matthew McConaughey drove as "Rust Cohle" in season one of HBO's True Detective.

Truck details:

  • Vehicle type: Pickup Truck
  • Year: 1997
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: F250HD XL
  • Color: Red
  • Condition: Fair
  • VIN: 1FTHX26H1VEB58686
  • Current mileage: 153,345 miles
  • Manual transmission
  • Passed California Smog requirements

153,000+ miles? Good lord. We knew Rust Cohle and Marty Hart's investigation spun its wheels a bit, but this is ridiculous (*wacky gong noise, rap airhorns, a clown hits you in the face with a pie*)!

As of this writing, the current bid sits at a cool $3,500, but the estimated value on the truck is at $15,000. Will the auction climb that high over the next 72 hours? It seems unlikely, but just to be sure, just go ahead and Paypal me the full $15,000. I promise to take you on one (1) cruise around the greater Austin area, and will even consider taking you through the fast food drive-thru of your choice.

True Detective season three is allegedly in the works at HBO as we speak. We're hoping it ends up being more satisfying than season two.