Let Warwick Davis Take You On A Tour Of The YOUNG HAN SOLO Set

Hey, who's that dude?

Lucasfilm's put together a brand-new video for their latest Force For Change charity campaign, and this time they've roped in none other than Star Wars luminary Warwick Davis to host the thing. Better yet, they've convinced him to give us a non-spoilery tour of the Young Han Solo set.

Check it out.

Okay, so, this clip doesn't reveal much, but they've worked around that in a clever way, and - if nothing else - they've given us one helluva look at ... whatever or whoever that creature up top is. Hey, Star Wars nerds, what do we call that thing? Andrew Todd isn't around to help me. Is it a Snorlax?

Anyway, if you're interested in donating to the current Force For Change campaign (and you should be), you should head on over to this page in order to kick in some scratch. Not only will you be doing a good deed today, but you'll also be entered to win a trip to the set of the Young Han Solo movie. Can you imagine getting to see those vending machines in person? The mind reels.

Stay tuned for more on Force For Change and Phil Lord and Chris Miller's Young Han Solo movie as we get closer to its release on May 25th, 2018.