Spider-Man’s Slinging Into AVENGERS 4

Just in case there was any doubt.

Marvel showed folks Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 last night, and while they were at it, Kevin Feige suddenly started dishing on future Marvel projects like crazy.

One of the many things he let out is a confirmation that Spider-Man will indeed be in the fourth, currently unnamed, Avengers film in addition to his own film this summer and Infinity War. Which I suppose means all the “no super heroics” tough love given to Peter Parker by Tony Stark will come with a huge “but” at the end. After all that, Parker will be back for a sequel to his solo film.

Feige also made clear that Marvel studios has no involvement with Sony’s plan to make a movie about Venom or Silver Sable & Black Cat. It is confirmed that he did not say “We wouldn’t touch those with a ten-foot clown pole” but it’s not confirmed whether that’s what he wanted to say.

So if nothing else, know that we have a lot of this particular Spider-Man coming our way. And *spoilers, sorry!* that he does not die in Infinity War.