The Maybe Good AMERICAN ASSASSIN Gets A Definitely Bad Trailer

Ass-kicking, boy band style.

This is not a good trailer, but much like life when you’re a weirdo in high school, I can report that if you just hang in there, it does get better:

So Dylan O’Brien was robbed of his gf and has apparently trained himself to be an amateur Punisher, which gets the attention of actual maniac ass-kicker Michael Keaton, who is instantly impressed with the kid’s ability to naturally spit out very long and awkward sentences. Taylor Kitsch is somehow also involved.

Look, not all these ingredients are slam dunks. But once that trailer gets going, it looks like some good stuff could be hiding under all the weird tonal presentation. I suppose it all depends on how long it takes for Michael Keaton to show up and how much he gets to be in the film once he does. If it’s all about this pesky kid, I’m out. (Of course it's all about this pesky kid.)