The Overlook Film Festival Announces Its Opening Night Film

Just over a week until the festival kicks off!

Next Thursday, the inaugural Overlook Film Festival - from the creative minds behind the Stanley Film Festival, and taking place at Timberline Lodge in Mt. Hood, Oregon, where exterior shots of The Shining's Overlook were filmed - kicks off, and I'm incredibly excited to cover for BMD. Last week, we learned most of the excellent lineup, and today we've got a new announcement!

Read on for The Overlook Film Festival's opening night film and recipient of its Visionary Award: 


Next Thursday night, The Overlook will open with the world premiere of STEPHANIE, with director Akiva Goldsman and producer Jason Blum in attendance!

In the not too distant future, after a global crisis, Stephanie is left alone in her remote home, while a dark supernatural force looms in the background. When her mother and father return to claim her, the malevolent power spins out of control with Stephanie at the center.

Stephanie re-unites Blumhouse with Academy Award winning writer and director Akiva Goldsman (director: Winter’s Tale, writer: A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code, executive producer: the Paranormal Activity franchise) for this supernatural horror-thriller. 


Overlook proudly presents the Visionary Award to Blumhouse Productions for the company's work with directors like Goldsman on unique, micro-budget genre films. Jason Blum will accept the award on behalf of the company.

We established the Visionary Award to honor a contemporary horror figure or company elevating the genre, while fostering the community by providing opportunities for new talent to thrive.

Surprise Paranormal Activity Event 

After we present the Visionary Award to Blumhouse Productions, Blum and Goldsman will host a surprise screening of their favorite PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film in the franchise that launched Blumhouse. But which film will it be? Join us to find out!

Get tickets to Stephanie here and to the Visionary Award and Surprise Paranormal Activity Event here, and read more about badges and packages HERE. And be on the lookout for lots of coverage on BMD next week!