ARROW Gets A New Sizzle Reel

Wherein Prometheus continues to terrorize.

It looks like the team over on Arrow has made sure the latter half of the season will be well worth the month hiatus we’ve taken from regular episodes. Stephen Amell had a sizzle reel waiting for fans this morning to reward their patience, and it’s jam packed with goodies! 

The fight against Prometheus will ramp up as Oliver’s greatest foe yet attempts to pick off his team one by one. And he’s not alone. It seems he’s recruited the Black Siren to help him take on Team Arrow (particularly the Lance portion of that team), and Talia’s still very much in the fold. The Al Ghul sisters will face off, but dollars to donuts Nyssa won’t be the only one trading blows with Talia. 

Meanwhile, Felicity’s still neck deep with Helix, but hasn’t completely lost her word-vomit like ways. Her bad choices only add to all the problems that Team Arrow has to face, but she’s certainly not the first of the team to have to be pulled from the edge. Hell, pulling Oliver away from the edge is basically the first five seasons of the show. 

Things are never sunshine and rainbows in Star City, but Prometheus continues to prove to be the team’s greatest challenge yet. Vigilante and Slade Wilson are curiously missing from the reel, so their involvement in the remaining episodes remains a mystery. 

How do you think the rest of the season will play out? Head to the comments for speculation hour!