GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Images Are Raining Freely From The Sky

Just in case you didn’t know what this show looked like.

This is normally the time of year when we all start getting ready to watch a new season of Game of Thrones. But that is not how HBO is playing it this year. Instead of hitting us hard every Sunday in spring, it’s going to break our hearts this summer.

But if you can’t have the show, at least have some pictures. A lot of pictures. To be fair, they aren’t the most exciting images. Despite some changed costumes, if you didn’t tell me these were new, I might not even know. And I’m not kidding about their number. Pretty much everyone gets a photo. So if you’re not caught up on the show, you might consider a character’s mere omission a spoiler.

Here they are. I think you can tell from the header image which one is my favorite: