Here’s Our Best Look Yet At ALIEN: COVENANT’s Neomorph

Spoilery images inside, fam.

Final Warning: the images below should probably be considered spoilery. 

The good folks over at Empire Magazine dropped three new Alien: Covenant images on us this morning, and they are...phew, they're something else. Lemme walk you through each of these while trying to avoid going into full-blown spoiler territory.

First up: 

Hey, it's our good friend Peter Weyland (Guy Pierce) and his ol' buddy David (Michael Fassbender). This is apparently a flashback scene, and will flesh out a little more of the relationship established between these characters in Prometheus. Wonder what Weyland's tasking David with this time.

Meanwhile, there's this shot, also of David, dropping a whole bunch of those DNA-urns from Prometheus onto...well, let's call it "an unsuspecting crowd". They aren't going to enjoy what happens next. 

And, finally, there's this shot, our clearest look yet at Alien: Covenant's Neomorph. Computer, enhance.

Good lord, look how cool this thing is: that wedge on the back of the head, the tiny spikes popping up along the spine, that greasy tail wrapped around the victim's legs. This variation on the xenomorph looks a lot like the Deacon from Prometheus (in fact, it looks a lot like some of the unused concept art created for that film), and I love the way it looks. We have lived long enough to see an albino xenomorph eat a dude, folks. Will wonders never cease.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more on Alien: Covenant as we get closer to the film's May 19th release.

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